Successful Probiotics [RECORDING]


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Title: Successful Probiotics

Presenter: Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc (Hons) BSc Nutr Med

Elisabeth and Antony have over 40 years of combined nutritional experience from their respective clinics. During this webinar, they are going to open up their knowledge base on the area of probiotics and gut health and want to share with you several of their most interesting and clinically relevant case studies with the successful implementation of a number of different probiotic strains.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an up to date summary and overview of the understanding of probiotics in human health and what benefits have been attributed to specific strains of oral probiotics referencing real-life cases from their clinics.

During the webinar Elisabeth and Antony will be discussing:

  • The latest research and function of probiotics.
  • The potential role of probiotics in IBD & IBS, inflammation, skin health.
  • The potential role of probiotics in the brain & nervous system and gut-brain axis as “psychobiotics’.
  • The specific strains available in oral form and their specific functions relating to real-life case histories direct from their clinics.