What are Probiotics and how do they work? How it works: Probiotic bacteria start to create a micro-environment in which pathogens are not compatible with by altering the pH slightly and producing substances that are antimicrobial. Probiotics are forms of friendly bacteria that are beneficial towards your health, in particular, your digestive system. There are…
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mental health

Depression & Anxiety

Mental health problems could be more common than you think, with 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem each year. According to statistics, it’s not necessarily that more people are being diagnosed with a mental health problem, but that more people are opening up about having one. Mental health is…
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Getting Your Brain Back Into The Swing For School

You’ve had a relaxing summer holiday off school/college and just like that, it’s time to head back! But is your mind in the right frame to settle into the school day? Here are some tips to get your brain back into gear and ready to learn.   Nutrition Make sure you are eating the right…
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blood cells

What Is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a condition whereby there aren’t enough red blood cells (or haemoglobin) in the blood to carry an adequate amount of oxygen around the body. There are many different types/forms, treatments, causes and symptoms of anaemia, some of which we will look into a little further below… Types of Anaemia There are many different types…
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Tips For Dental Health

Dental health is something that we all know we need to keep on top of, but do we really know the ins and outs of how? We have collated a list of tips and suggestions to help you on your way to optimum dental health Brush at least twice a day This one might seem…
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What is inflammation? Inflammation is a defence mechanism provided by our bodies to fight infection and injury. It can present itself in many different ways in the affected area, for example, some may experience swelling, redness, heat from the affected area, pain/discomfort and even loss of function in the affected area. These are known as…
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Prepare yourselves, Allergy season is upon us! Although lovely, springtime can cause havoc when it comes to allergies and hayfever. This is mainly thanks to high pollen counts around this time of year. What are pollens? Pollens are types of powdery substances produced by trees, flowers, weeds and grass to fertilize more plants of the…
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What Is Methylation?

What Is Methylation? The term ‘methylation’ may sound like a pretty complicated process, especially if you don’t know what it means!  Today we’re going to try and break it down into a simple explanation that is easy to understand and give you some tips on how you can support this vital cellular process. Methylation is…
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Stress and its impact on our health

Stress has been a popular topic in the media recently, with reports from BBC news and articles from various newspapers and journals including The Guardian and the Daily Mail.  It’s no secret that stress is a common condition in the UK and across the globe.  Statistics show that in the past year, 74% of people…
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