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Appetite & Emotions

Our eating patterns and behaviours are complex. While eating traditionally was instinctive and the response to the sensation of hunger, in today’s environment where food is so abundant there are many emotional, social and neurochemical cues involved. Appetite is regulated via brain chemistry changes that also influence emotions and behaviour. Certain neurotransmitters have been extensively…
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Supporting Breast Health

When is the last time you paused to consider your own health and lifestyle in relation to your breast health? Unfortunately as women get older, their risk of developing breast cancer or having fibrocystic issues increases. In fact it is now acknowledged that environmental risk factors, such as diet and exposure to toxins, account for…
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Functional Gut Disorders

Gut problems affect millions of people in the UK and they represent one of the most common presentations to Doctors and Nutritional Therapists alike. Functional Gut Disorders (FGDs) represent conditions where there are no visible signs of disease or structural problems, and includes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It can be very frustrating to be told…
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Fighting Fatigue

In our busy lifestyles it is common for people to complain of low energy, fatigue and lack of motivation. Whether we are active physically or mentally our bodies require vasts amounts of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is the chemical energy that all of our cells use to sustain life and basic functions that keep us…
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Do You Need a Brain Detox?

Your brain and spinal cord have immense metabolic activity to continually balance the functions of the central nervous system; and this means a lot of “waste” is also produced within the brain every second of the day and night. Along with this metabolic waste, brain cells are also vulnerable to the build up of other…
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Long Covid

Long-Covid has emerged to be a clinical phenomenon with sufferers experiencing fatigue, headaches, breathing issues, reduced cognitive function (brain fog), poor attention span and poor concentration, and hair loss. However, there are many additional symptoms that have emerged including aches and pains in soft and hard tissues. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence…
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Menopause: Beyond Hot Flashes – Health Implications and Nutritional Intervention

The 40s and 50s are a significant period of time for women when it comes to their health. While menopause is a natural female transition it can have significant impacts on women’s physical and mental health. Menopause is the permanent discontinuation of ovarian oestrogen and progesterone production. Menopause is not just about hot flashes. In…
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The Endocannabinoid System: What is it & Why is it Important?

I’m Dr Elisabeth Philipps and I’m a clinical neuroscientist here to champion our endocannabinoid system. “Our endo-what?” I hear you ask!  CBD & Hemp Oil Well, we’ve all got an endocannabinoid system (or ECS for short); it connects nearly every system and organ in our bodies and its function is critical for all aspects of…
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The human brain is the most complex organ in the body, made up of over 100 billion nerve cells that work together to co-ordinate our physical and psychological actions including movement, emotions, behaviour and sensations. Being such a key organ, the brain needs protecting so is surrounded by the blood-brain barrier, which is a set…
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