Menopause: Beyond Hot Flashes – Health Implications and Nutritional Intervention

The 40s and 50s are a significant period of time for women when it comes to their health. While menopause is a natural female transition it can have significant impacts on women’s physical and mental health.

Menopause is the permanent discontinuation of ovarian oestrogen and progesterone production. Menopause is not just about hot flashes. In women, oestrogen has a profound effect on every organ in the body – it is a true master hormone and declining levels around menopause can impact numerous body systems and processes including metabolism, immune function, sexual function, digestion, cardiovascular performance, mood, and brain health.  

Ever wondered why it can be harder to shift weight during the perimenopause (the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause) years? Weight gain around perimenopause and menopause is actually very common and as oestrogen levels decline women often find the distribution of fat on their body changes – tummy fat is much more common, and it can be hard to shift.  

Oestrogen-Rich Foods

The reason is down to the impact oestrogen has on glucose and insulin function. For example oestrogen supports the activity of enzymes involved in the Krebs cycle and declining levels result in decreased activity of glucose transporters and glycolytic enzyme activity, It also plays a role in insulin function so without sufficient oestrogen –  energy and weight will be adversely impacted.

There is no reason why the menopausal years should not be the happiest, vibrant, and most fulfilling years of a women’s life. With personalised, targeted nutrition and lifestyle intervention you can optimise health through the peri/menopause and beyond.

This webinar will take a detailed look at the impact declining hormone levels have on all body systems and how to take proactive steps to reduce potential adverse effects of declining oestrogen with nutrition and lifestyle intervention.

Christine Bailey is a registered Nutritionist, qualified chef and author of over 14 health and recipe books. She runs a health and nutrition consultancy and works with corporates, food and health companies. She is a popular lecturer in health and nutrition and regularly presents at conference and events. She writes for national health, fitness and food magazines and regularly appears on TV and radio.

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