Type 2 Diabetes [RECORDING]


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Title: Type 2 Diabetes

Presenter: Antony Haynes BA (Hons) RNT mBANT and Christine Bailey MSc PGCE mBANT CNHC

“Type 2 Diabetes”

During this webinar, Antony and Christine will review the rising incidence of type II diabetes and its cost to society, as well as the individual. They will focus on the fundamental causes of diabetes and how to address those processes with nutritional and lifestyle means.

This will include not just the glycaemic load, exercise, muscle mass, sound sleep rhythms but also the influence of environmental toxins such as arsenic.  They will draw on their Functional Medicine practitioner training to present nutritional & lifestyle means by which to support an
individual with diabetes, including information about the role of intermittent fasting.

Specifically, this webinar will discuss:

  • The increasing incidence and cost of diabetes in the UK and the world.
  • The different underlying causes of diabetes including dietary changes in Man’s recent history, lifestyle issues and lack of physical activity and some key environmental toxins.
  • How to address each of these factors from a nutritional and lifestyle perspective.
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting.
  • Key nutrients and plant concentrate that support a normal level of blood glucose.
  • How to support the body’s natural means of bio transforming and eliminating arsenic and other environmental toxins that may contribute to the aetiology of type II diabetes.


Included in the price:

  • Full PDF slide deck
  • CPD certificate
  • £10 voucher to use with Nutrigold (live attendees only)
  • Video recording

Accredited by:

  • British Association for Applied Nutrition (BANT)
  • Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA)
  • Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)