Nutritional Support for Elderly Patients [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Christine Bailey MSc MBANT MIFM PGCE

Join award winning registered nutritional therapist Christine Bailey on Monday 19th September 2022 for a CPD accredited webinar on: “Nutritional Support for Elderly Patients

About 16% of the UK population is over 70 years old and estimated to increase to over 20% by 2030. Alongside declining activity levels, energy needs fall in older age and eating less is expected. However, as total food consumption declines, intakes of many nutrients are also likely to fall; whilst energy requirements may be met, other nutrient needs may not.

Although this highlights the importance of nutrient-dense foods and overall diet quality in older age to ensure nutrient sufficiency, maintaining or increasing diet quality may be difficult at a time when food access and preparation are becoming more challenging, and diets may be monotonous. Older malnourished adults are more likely to have poorer health outcomes, longer hospital stays and increased mortality.

Supporting the aging client brings many specific considerations including managing polypharmacy, optimising nutritional status with declining appetites, difficulty eating, reducing digestive function, sarcopenia, falling kidney function, reduction in physical exercise, increased frailty and the body wide system implications these changes have.  There are many practical considerations with supporting the older client.  This webinar will look at both the nutrition and practical considerations in supporting older clients – it will cover areas regarding nutritional requirements, supporting muscle mass, healing after surgery, immune support, tackling feeding issues and digestive system changes.


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