Brain Health and Teenagers Webinar [RECORDING]


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By teenage years and into adulthood the brain has a weight of 1.3kg/3lb – it is one of our heaviest organs, demanding the most oxygen and glucose and essential nutrients. Important changes are happening to the brain during adolescence – it continues to develop and mature until the late 20s.

All the changes the brain is experiencing and the ever-changing environment faced by teens may explain why it is the time when many mental disorders—such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders—emerge. In addition, the growing independence in terms of dietary choices makes it particularly important to nourish their brains.

This seminar will look at brain health in teenagers, factors that can affect development and performance and the role of nutritional intervention.
Christine will address common concerns such as anxiety, low mood and depression as well as how to optimise brain health for performance.