Acid Reflux & Stomach Health [RECORDING]


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Title: Acid Reflux & Stomach Health

Presenter: Antony Haynes RNT BA (Hons) Dip ION mBANT mIFM CNHC

Heartburn (also called indigestion, acid reflux or dyspepsia) is an extremely
common condition affecting up to 40% of UK adults. Self-prescribed remedies
such as antacids or commonly prescribed medications such as proton pump
inhibitors (PPIs) are frequently used to manage the condition but these come
with their own set of side effects with longer-term use and impact on health.

Antony will focus the webinar discussion on the preventable causes and
natural means of resolving acid reflux conditions; briefly exploring the
epidemiology and the connection with hiatal hernia, as well as other
contributory factors. Antony’s main focus will highlight the role of food
reactivity in reflux conditions; she will distinguish between acid reflux and bile
reflux and the different approaches to resolving the two different types.
Elisabeth will also describe nutritional means to support stomach health and
ensure digestion and bioavailability of nutrients such as vitamin bB12 is

In summary, during this webinar you will learn about:
• The prevalence of reflux in the general population
• The difference between acid reflux and bile reflux
• The connection between reflux and hiatal hernia
• The side effects of the use of proton pump inhibitor drugs
• The contributory factors of reflux conditions including food; reactivity, and
which specific foods are most likely to be triggers for reflux
• How to resolve reflux with nutritional and lifestyle support.