4.4 Understanding the Nutritional Content of Your Plate

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We’ve discussed at length now the different macronutrient groups and the foods in which they can be found so what proportions should they appear in your daily diet? Of course, everyone has different dietary requirements in terms of energy as well as nutrients, which is why functional nutrition does not apply a “one size fits all” approach.

Please read the following blog which discuss the shortfalls of the Government “Livewell” plate and proposes a new Food4Health plate guidelines delivering the right type and proportions of foods for health.

The Food4Health Plate

Food For Health Guidelines
Figure 4.3 Food For Health Guidelines

We also suggest that you now spend some time with the Self Nutrition Data website (http://nutritiondata.self.com) to work out your total daily nutrient intake. It’s an interesting exercise to do but remember be honest so the results truly reflect your dietary intake! There are many other nutrition apps available that enable you to work out dietary composition so you could also investigate these options.