Nourish the Brain – How Obesity & Diet Affect Brain Health [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc(Hons) BSc Nut. Med.

Date: June 18th 2024

Time: 12.00 – 1.30pm

Price: £20

Join Dr Elisabeth Philipps for this important webinar into how the effects of obesity and diet on areas such as hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances can affect both short and long-term brain health.

In this session, we will cover:

  1. Obesity and Brain Structure: Obesity has been linked to changes in brain structure. Studies have shown that people with obesity often have smaller brain volumes, particularly in areas responsible for memory and executive functions. What does this mean for short and long-term brain health?
  1. Insulin Resistance, Inflammation and Cognitive Function: Insulin resistance, which is common in obesity, can impair glucose uptake in the brain, leading to cognitive decline. In combination, excess body fat can lead to chronic inflammation, which can also affect brain function. We’ll explore options to manage both insulin resistance and inflammation through lifestyle medicine techniques.
  1. The link between diet, obesity and brain health: Pro-inflammatory diets, such as those high in processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats, can exacerbate neuroinflammation, along with imbalances in neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, affecting mood, motivation, and overall cognitive function. We’ll also explore how obesity and diet can lead to epigenetic changes that influence gene expression in the brain impacting neuroplasticity and cognitive function.
  1. Personalised brain health solutions: How nutrient-rich can specifically reduce inflammation, improve hormone markers and provide neuroprotective effects. We will also compare and contrast specific dietary approaches like the keotgenic diet and intermittent fasting in relation to weight loss and brain health.

Join us for “Nourish the Brain- How Obesity & Diet Affect Brain Health” and for all the latest expert lifestyle medicine advice on managing weight for optimal brain health. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Reserve your spot today!