Detoxing Your Brain [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD BSc(Hons) BSc Nut. Med.

Join clinical neuroscientist Dr Elisabeth Philipps on Tuesday 11th May 2021 for a CPD accredited webinar on:

“Detoxing the Brain”

Promoting healthy detoxification pathways in our body through supporting the lymphatic system, liver, gut, gut microbiome, kidney and lungs is a primary stage of many functional medicine programmes. But there is now mounting research identifying the glymphatic system in the brain as a macroscopic waste clearance system that promotes efficient elimination of metabolic waste from the central nervous system. Several neurological diseases are now known to present with accumulated waste in the brain from reduced detoxification capacity placing the glymphatic system and brain detoxification at the heart of brain health functional medicine programmes.

Dr Elisabeth Philipps, a clinical neuroscientist who specialises in neurodegenerative diseases, will discuss the brain glymphatic system and how to support the process of brain detoxification. She will cover:

  • Neurotoxins and the link to neurodegenerative diseases.
  • The role of the glymphatic system (a unique system of perivascular channels) in brain cell detoxification and maintaining a healthy brain.
  • Latest research investigating the glymphatic system and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Functional medicine approach to brain detoxification including diet and lifestyle support of the glymphatic system.


Included in the price:

  • Full PDF slide deck
  • CPD certificate
  • £10 voucher to use with Nutrigold (live attendees only)
  • Video recording
  • Live Q&A

CPD Applied for:

  • British Association for Applied Nutrition (BANT)
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