All About Magnesium [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Antony Haynes RNT BA (Hons) Dip ION mBANT mIFM CNHC

Magnesium is the eighth most common element in the crust of the Earth, and the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. It is required for many hundreds of enzymes and proteins within the body and is essential for energy.

In this webinar Antony will explore the role of magnesium in a variety of conditions including insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease (e.g., stroke), migraine headaches, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Alzheimer’s disease, and how the metabolism of magnesium is affected by stress.

Antony will identify where we can obtain magnesium from in foods and when supplementation may be needed and he will make distinctions between the various forms of magnesium.