Tackling Poor Sleep and Insomnia [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Christine Bailey MSc MBANT MIFM PGCE

Sleep is the ultimate nootropic, stress reliever, immune booster, emotional stabiliser and hormone augmenter. Yet many of us struggle to get sufficient quality sleep. In this webinar Christine Bailey will outline how we sleep, the different stages of sleep, how much sleep we need and will discuss a broad range of lifestyle, nutrition and behavioural tools for anyone wishing to improve their sleep patterns. She will address the potential underlying factors to consider associated with insomnia and the role of an integrative approach in supporting clients with insomnia.

  • Importance of Sleep for Heath and Performance
  • Different stages of sleep and why each is essential
  • What is insomnia and potential underlying triggers
  • How much sleep do we really need?
  • How to use behavioural techniques, exercise and nutrition to improve sleep
  • Key supplement support