Key Genetic SNPs for Mental Health [RECORDING]


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Presenter: Christine Bailey MSc MBANT MIFM PGCE

Post COVID-19 Mental Health Issues are prevalent throughout the whole population. While there are multiple biological and psychological factors involved in brain function and neurotransmitter function, genetic variations can impact the balance of neurotransmitters and brain function. Our brain is incredibly complex but fundamentally what happens in the synapses affects what happens in the brain. Neuronal Transmission is the fundamental language of anything that happens in the brain.

There are at least 20 000 genes that make up the human genome and within each gene there are hundreds of chances for typos or single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs which are very subtle changes in the coding of a gene that can change the way the gene functions. Accordingly SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) influence how we think and function.  Knowing a patient’s genetic makeup can improve intervention, personalisation of nutrition recommendations alongside with lifestyle factors. This webinar will take you through some of the key genetic SNPs that impact the balance of various neurotransmitters and in turn impacting brain function and mood.