Have you ever wanted to understand a little bit more about what you eat and the complex impact food can have on your body and your health? The nutrihub foundation course is aimed at an inquisitive public audience, mothers, fathers, sports enthusiasts, people looking for answers about how nutrition affects their everyday lives and health, and those that enjoy the simple process of learning.

We will take you on a journey around the human body, with its complex interconnected systems, and explain how nutrition can impact mechanisms that drive disease or create health. You will complete the course with practical knowledge and guidelines on how to best utilise functional nutrition to improve your health.

This Foundation course is a step beyond reading blogs and articles and the latest health books and opens a door into a world of biological and nutritional science without overwhelming you with a diploma or BSc level of information. All you require is an interested mind, nothing more. Expert practitioners tutor all our courses so you will be in safe hands!

Our education is supported by research drawn from peer-reviewed journals across many disciplines and provides a science-based, patient-centred approach to managing health and complex disease. The functional nutrition approach that underpins nutrihub education seeks to address the underlying causes of chronic disease and improve health and vitality using a systems-oriented approach, addressing biochemical, physiological, genetic and energetic imbalances through nutrition and lifestyle management.

The Course


Time Commitment

This course requires about 30 – 40 hours learning time and estimated to take 3 months if studying for one evening per week (3 hours).



The course is online with self-paced learning, covers 12 modules (detailed below) and takes the form of reading, recorded webinars, recorded module tutorials and module assessments.



There are 12 short online multiple choice assessments after each module (nothing too difficult!) and one final written assessment after module 12 to complete the course. You will receive full online tutor support if required.



You will receive a certificate of completion and the option to complete our nutrihub advanced course at a discounted rate.

£250 which also includes £50 of free nutrition products.

What do you study?

Module 1 – The Cell & Cell Energy: You will learn about the structure and mechanism of the cell, and how this underpins a myriad of biochemical functions. Also you will learn about the dynamic role and function of cellular enzymes, and blood glucose and the impact this can have on your health.

Module 2 – The Environment Inside the Cell: This module explores the controlled environment inside the cell with particular emphasis on maintaining electrolyte balance, energy production and enzyme function. You will be introduced to the concept of “low-grade chronic acidosis” and the impact this has on human health.

Module 3 –Cellular Detoxification: This module defines and discusses the role of toxins produced in the body and the effects of noxious substances from the environment. We integrate traditional practices with the latest science to explain how active detoxification from cells and the liver, and elimination of toxic biochemical waste material from the body via organs (particularly the digestive tract), ensures that cells and organs remain healthy.

Module 4 – The Principle Bulk Nutrients & Associated Foods: You will learn the basic science of the bulk nutrients protein, carbohydrate and fat as suppliers of energy and as essential nutrients so you can devise personalised nutrition programmes and make healthy eating choices.

Module 5 – Minerals, Cell Function & Health: This module explains the key roles and characteristics of individual macro and microminerals. It explains their role as enzyme activators in creating cell energy, and in maintaining cellular integrity and function.

Module 6 – Vitamins, Cell Function & Health: This module explains the key roles and characteristics of individual vitamins. It explains how they activate enzymes, contribute to cell energy production and increase health through a variety of different functions.

Module 7 – Gut Bacteria & Their Role in Health: This module connects how the complex population of intestinal bacteria contributes to optimal health. Information and guidance is provided on how to nurture levels of beneficial bacteria through nutrition and supplements to maintain optimal microbiome function.

 Module 8 – Body pH & the Diet: This module identifies foods that enhance or suppress detoxification systems in the body. You will learn an important key principle of balancing foods with differing alkaline-loads to promote healthy detoxification processes, as well as practical information about which foods to enhance, minimise or avoid in the diet to promote optimal health.

Module 9 – The Composition of Foods: This module provides comprehensive information on the nutrient composition of foods and the main differences between them to enable you to design your own healthy diet.

Module 10 – Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivities: This module explores the origins and causes of food allergies and intolerances and discusses the latest types of testing and nutritional approaches to support and modulate the immune system.

Module 11 – Designing Nutrition Programmes: At this stage you will consolidate your newfound knowledge of food characteristics, nutrient content, and cellular detoxification processes to empower you to design personalised nutrition programmes for yourself and your family.

Module 12 – Introduction to Food Supplements: The final module explains and demystifies some commonly used nutritional supplements and their use in nutrition programmes and provides a practical guide to undertaking a detoxification programme. Comprehensive information will enable you to easily choose effective supplements to incorporate into a nutrition programme to maintain health.

Entry Requirements

None, just a hunger for nutritional knowledge!

Please contact nutrihub [email protected] or +44 800 043 8549

UKHC Approved Course
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