Practitioner CPD Course

Even with a Bsc or Diploma in Nutritional Science/Therapy and many years of experience under your belt if like us at nutrihub, you will have appetite for learning and also the practical gathering of CPD points.  At nutrihub we offer BANT and NNA accredited CPD points.

Nutrihub combines self-paced learning and the use of digital technology to being education to you in an efficient convenient way and we always at the end an email or phone to provide any assistance required.

The Course


Time Commitment

This course requires about 5 – 10 hours learning time.



The course is online self-paced learning and covers between 3-5 modules (details below) and takes the form of reading, recorded webinars, video module summaries and end of module assessments.



the end of module assessments take the form of short multiple choice assessments.


CPD Points

you will receive a certificate of completion with CPD points indicated, this will also sit on your nutrihub account for retrieval nearer CPD review time.

Our CPD practitioner courses

(CPD points 5) Course 1 – Digestive and absorptive imbalances: Understanding the interconnected role of specific strains of gastrointestinal bacteria, the role of bowel flora in T cell regulation and the obesity epidemic, the roles of bile acids & bowel flora in breast and colon cancer.

(CPD points 10) Course 2 – Defence and inflammatory Imbalances: T-Regulatory cells, vitamin D and vitamin A therapy, the gut as the major site of T –regulatory cell induction,indoleamine-2,3 dioygenase activity inhibiting T cell reactivity, TH17: moving on from the TH1-TH2 shift, homocysteine, methylation and the immune system, factors that activate macrophages and their modulation, why the digestive and immune systems cannot be separated out, the concept of tolerance.

(CPD points 7) Course 3 – Detoxification and Biotransformational Imbalances: Genetic polymorphisms, comprehensive detoxification assessment, phase 3 detoxification, the role of enzymes in the enterocytes in the gut, the evidence basis of potential detoxification treatments.

(CPD points 3) Course 4 – Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances: Hormone transport, storage, enzyme and receptor function, detoxification, soy and sex hormone balance, bio identical hormone therapy, the pychoneuroendocrine connection to mood disorders, the adrenals, thyroid and depression link, thyroid hormone resistance, why thyroid medication may not work, iodine, vitamin A and thyroid function.

Entry Requirements

Qualified practitioner with membership of a nutrition orientated professional body.

Please contact nutrihub education@nutrihub.org or FB: nutrihub or contact us on +44 800 043 8549